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03/19/2004 - 6:56 a.m.
Another dream car, 1983 BMW 633csi
Category: incredible - posted by: Bruce.
Back in High School I saw the Pat Benatar’s “Love is a battle Field” video and feel in love. Now I can buy her car, a1983 BMW 633 CSI is now for sale on ebay with special order cherry red leather upholstery.

03/19/2004 - 6:22 a.m.
No more I promise
Category: Friday games - posted by: Bruce.
Folks this will be my last Smack the Pingu post, I promise. Here's a list of all the current versions Of Smack The Pingu, I hope.

Original Version
Luxury Version
Expert Version
Nervous Version
Slow Version
Psycho Version
Leaping Frog Version
Speedy Version
Popfly Version
Speedy Longshot Version
Special Version
Russian Version
Russian Political Version
Orca Slap (v2) Version
Bloody Version (16+)
Less Gravitation Version
Lawinen Surfer
New Russian - Delirium Tremens (Very Hard)
Kill'em Pingu Version
Mili and Tary: Desert
Mili and Tary: Snow

03/18/2004 - 3:44 p.m.
Mission mostly Accomplished!!! Booyah!
Category: dim-witted news - posted by: Bruce.
Screenwriter came by my office today around 2:45 announcing that the US soldiers had Bin Laden surrounded and wanted to know if it was true. So after doing some research I discovered, thanks to FoxNews, that it is not Osama bin Laden but Number 2 Al Queda guy Ayman Al Zawahamalamadingdong. Incase you were wondering what Number 2 looks like click here. While on the net I thought I would check out the NASA site to get an update on the asteroid that is going to be a near miss tonight around 5PM eastern time. Only to see that NASA is now reporting that the mysterious asteroid is on path to hit Osama bin Laden on the left shoulder... Bush is currently working on a way to destroy the asteroid or at least divert it until October.

03/18/2004 - 6:58 a.m.
Game to improve your typing skills
Category: games - posted by: Bruce.
Here’s a fun typing game for you. Play the game and let me know what you score. Now if it would only improve my speling!

03/18/2004 - 6:50 a.m.
Why Batman
Category: uproarious - posted by: Bruce.

03/17/2004 - 11:59 a.m.
Irish Palm Pilot


03/17/2004 - 5:43 a.m.
What is it you want from me?
About three months ago I added the freefine search engine to this nonsense. The following list is, in order, keywords that you, dear readers, have typed into my search box.
Enjoy your handiwork…

icons, aim, porn, star, name, names, messenger, cartoons, generator, boobs, bloodninja, instant, and, sandrak, richard, the, monkey, of, your, naked, tattoos, a, nude, eating, sexy, to, for, alien, girl, in, gonads, strife, seahorse, spanking, drawings, are, smarterchild, penis, i, my, fries, ding, on, fucked, punk, mp, towyard, wars, martha, game, rabbit, with, done, vegina, find, complaint, stuart, is, tattoo, how, humor, panties, sex, you, see, touching, guys, through, band, pimp, animal, ass, stupid, csearch, games, news, flash, pancake, conjugal, soft, head, totem, jesus, girls, celebrity, visit, bar, bunny, silly, bruce, freaks, women, rock, control, baby, man, words, art, what, me, chocolate, farce, com, mullet, fake, happy, osama, pictures, or, shit, men, ladies, out, parts, thong, seymour, funny, people, love, no, blog, wanda, tree, sykes, s, bird, weird, do, it, bin, got, index, laden, stars, friends, icon, images, interview, like, insults, http, jackson, picture, king, annoying, t, tips, movie, use, spiderman, she, song, link, emoticons, redneck, freak, anagrams, its, belt, show, dog, dear, hate, cat, back, illustrations, burger, more, gay, up, eminem, aliens, we, phrases, make, pee, pants, ever, creator, anagram, site, that, joke, rap, hairy, call, search, look, cameltoe, good, old, pic, worst, little, hyakugojyuuichi, hot, website, interviews, from, bachelor, video, weblog, lyrics, guy, coming, bikini, cartoon, boots, underwear, buddy, breast, ugly, bush, know, free, don, own, death, longest, living, off, links, city, boy, pornstar, all, plot, flipping, soap, by, banana, tongue, letter, harry, ruler, can, gone, rose, parody, time, hockey, over, wav, script, day, google, rocket, com, laundry, dollz, kitten, graffiti, bread, beer, comments, cow, feet, engrish, pantyhose, tweety, year, pubic, her, at, excessive, things, poop, mecom, wild, high, will, veginas, potter, my god your wife smells bad, phone, male, so, wearing, blogger, woman, thigh, vagina, get, hair, masturbation, if, white, barbie, thug, busy, fun, dick, paper, bunnies, red, bell, his, charlotte, smile, club, three, fuck, taz, black, bootylicious, devil, why, sars, amputee, meat, food, redundant, journal, top, female, signs, fish, zilla, cut, thongs, wet, cheese, answers, cease, wife, when, prison, who, serial, stuntaz, golden, cunt, about, pet, hamster, tits, am, photos, best, shirt, date, desist, young, popcorn, blogs, tow, energy, smell, dancing, filth, dad, super, cradle, pancakes, sexual, recipe, lady, jokes, manly, creative, brown, boys, street, wrestling, tiger, live, peanut, watchers, questions, jelly, ebay, dirty, playboy, butter, shirts, horse, dog, biggest, be, com, saved, difference, butts, movies, butt, fork, kitties, maggot, bug, singing, lingerie, mom, boob, here, chicken, eat, ape, space, model, word, apache, tricks, kids, god, webcam, wannabes, not, money, commercial, lookalike, umbrella, gstring, vs, blue, between, green, where, duck, sci, snappy, vibrating, mould, sister, clown, urethra, funniest, lawnmower, email, car, satanic, jerry, logo, mail, rubber, sure, bible, brother, taco, likes, big, coffee, girly, shorts, hermione, go, breasts, bras, bad, dolls, only, bibleman, photo, snatch, list, an, silly, mac, boobies, goth, warning, abercrombie, toho, prank, ankh, roses, panasonic, winky, exercise, dj, sweet, does, twins, truck, nielsen, nyataimori, squirrels, base, thugz, powder, woods, secret, worlds, moon, silly, sesame, sky, pressure, life, christ, bone, retard, want, hegels, japanese, inch, urinals, theme, etiquette, cereal, unicorn, pink, moldy, blues, cum, home, years, sites, was, short, america, these, hands, mushroom, clowns, have, tasmanian, chan, anal, hardcore, lawn, toilet, lobster, stewart, them, better, glass, lush, say, tail, come, boxers, kid, killer, music, archive, abmany, play, worm, friend, waxing, kettle, bath, as, nyang, carpet, rant, bobby, cock, this, legs, briefs, farting, power, july, urine, pregnant, victoria, army, generators, clip, acid, world, tampon, apple, tshirt, penguin, lift, prophecy, candiru, ads, sound, phrase, balls, basketball, semen, friendsters, rhymes, boom, going, wallpaper, sprayon, fight, blow, miller, magnet, toss, would, teeth, two, wear, really, hiho, jimmy, vs, holy, work, weblogs, chest, american, videos, spanked, skins, telemarketers, defecation, oolong, fitch, new, color, nasa, well, something, armpits, family, dummies, cthulhu, contest, dead, television, daily, irish, domokun, lynch, lick, uncle, drink, channel, metal, pepper, esearch, small, sleeping, teen, tampons, used, action, url, great, shooting, killing, tea, interested, icy, fire, having, airforce, doll, goths, shinola, ladybug, whities, rims, water, radio, www, download, too, mullets, wine, queen, toe, pics, name?, hobbit, sillyrabbit

03/17/2004 - 5:18 a.m.
Caption Time
What would St. Paddy's Day be without a Leprechaun?

I’ll go first. "I just made poopy!"

03/17/2004 - 4:51 a.m.
100% accurate Internet quiz
Category: interesting - posted by: Bruce.
Finally, an Internet quiz with astonishing results that is 100% accurate. It only has 6 questions so it will only take about one minute. When asked to name people you know, please be truthful; it matters.

03/16/2004 - 6:26 a.m.
Apparently, there is nothing better to do in Indiana
Category: Twaddle - posted by: Bruce.

Man feels the need to create 1,300-pound baseball for some reason. Link provided by screenwriter via John.

03/16/2004 - 6:23 a.m.
Someone hide me
Category: bizarre - posted by: Bruce.
This frightens me more than serial killers.

03/15/2004 - 6:47 a.m.
Help, the world is coming to an end, news briefing at 1:00 p.m. today
Category: interesting - posted by: Bruce.
An unusual solar object is the subject of a NASA news conference on Monday. The mothership? Or a Planet X?Or the remote possibility: It's Nemesis, the Sun's hypothesized companion brown dwarf that every 30 million years swoops in on a highly elliptical orbit and spells the end of life as we know it on earth. (Related reading: Is Pluto really a planet?)

03/15/2004 - 4:02 a.m.
Mili and Tary
Category: game - posted by: Bruce

Mili and Tary is a direct rip-off of Smack the Pingu but fun nonetheless. Mili (or Tary) drops a grenade for Tary (or Mili) to hit. It's the same as Pingu in that if you hit it low it will bounce but hit it too high and the grenade will explode.

03/15/2004 - 3:24 a.m.
Category: incredible - posted by: Bruce
As a kid, this was one of all time favorite toy. Now I can play Lite-Brite with getting the heat from that burning bulb.

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