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06/25/2004 - 6:12 a.m.
Welcome to NurseryPhotos.com - where you can find your own nursery photo online. It took us two years of researching public records to collect over 172,000,000 nursery photos - the pictures taken of newborn babies at over 98% of hospitals and medical centers. Mandated by federal guidelines, local municipalities must keep photos of all newborns in their public records - and we've brought them all online for public viewing. We have the cutest baby pictures ever found in one database - all available for your easy search and retrieval. After you find your own you can check out your family members, friends and colleagues.

06/25/2004 - 6:09 a.m.
Cat Bowling
Play a game of bowling using Cats for Pins!

06/25/2004 - 6:05 a.m.
Swat Mosquitoes
Swat Mosquitoes with a Fly Swatter!

06/25/2004 - 5:56 a.m.
Burn Things
Use a giant magnifying glass to burn things. It's a Flash thingy called Ant City. This game reminds me of the days when I was a kid burning ants with a bright sun and a magnifying glass, it's good for about five minutes of sadistic entertainment.

06/25/2004 - 5:53 a.m.
Fastball Reaction Time imitates a 90-mph fastball thrown by a major league pitcher. While this exhibit doesn't test if you could actually hit a fastball, it does test whether you could react in time to hit one.

06/25/2004 - 5:46 a.m.
Looks pretty darn real to me, fake battlefield photography
Stefan Kirkl presents Amazing action figure art that he's elaborately painted and posed, producing what looks like gripping battlefield photography. Lisa and I keep war-toys based on humans these type of toys away from Mason especially when they can look so real. We will let him have Plastic Army Men. Speaking of plastic army men, hereís a site called Everything Toy Soldiers appropriately titled I would say.

06/24/2004 - 6:07 a.m.
Forget buying the used Rolex, take the credit card number and get a new one.
This eBay genius is trying to sell his Rolex watch, he better watch his Credit Card account instead. To show how much he paid he included the receipt in the background of the picture of on the bottom of the page. What he didnít realize was it also shows his credit card number and expiration date.

06/24/2004 - 6:05 a.m.
Make your own Morse Code!
.....--.--..-..-.-- --.--.--.. ..-. -.-----..-.-. .-----.-.-.....--..-- .--..-........ -..... -.....-------. .--.-.. ...-..---.-...-! .- ...-.-..-...-. ..-...-.-...-.. ---..-. .--.---..-.-.-......... -..----... .--.-.. -...-........... -....- .---..-...- ..-.---.-. -.-----..-!
For those of you who canít read Morse Code, see below.
Simply type in your words, press the button and viola! A screen full of pointless dots and dashes - just for you!
Give it a try -...-.-- .....-...-.-.-..-.--. ......-..

06/24/2004 - 6:04 a.m.
Which Office Moron Are You?
Take the Office Moron Test.

Morons. Offices are full of them; irritating little people with no redeeming features, forming their own social hierarchies within the walls of the workplace. It's understandable, of course; if you were to sit in the same room day after day, staring at spreadsheets and filling out orders, the monotony of your life only rivaled by the monotony of your thoughts and dreams, you too would be yearning for your own besuited Lord of the Flies scenario.
I took the test and it told me that I was a disarmingly young temp. go figure!

06/24/2004 - 6:03 a.m.
Lonely Socks
Finally, an online database of lost socks. It's called Lonely Socks.

Here's the data for the sock shown here:

Date: 27/2/2003
Owner: Pete Colour: Black Info: Its brother was kidnapped by the sock goblin sometime last week and I now have to hop


06/23/2004 - 5:48 a.m.
Draft Bruce
Draft Bruce, no not me the other Bruce!
"A New York concert promoter has mounted an online campaign to 'draft' Bruce Springsteen to headline a rock 'n roll show to upstage the Republican National Convention on the night it nominates President Bush...." Said promoter Andrew Rasiej, "I've spoken to the manager of REM, to Bon Jovi's people and the rest of the names I've mentioned and they all said, 'if you build it, we will be there.'"

I'm not a big fan, but this has the potential to be big.

06/23/2004 - 5:38 a.m.
Enriched Uranium
At McSweeney's: Enriched Uranium: What Every Parent Should Know.


  • Children who participate in sports are 80 percent less likely to procure, produce, and/or deal enriched uranium
  • Enriched uranium is what is known as a gateway element. Children who try enriched uranium are more likely to try plutonium and wine coolers


06/23/2004 - 4:17 a.m.
I Love you Momma
This video is so sad, it almost made me want to cry.

06/22/2004 - 5:42 a.m.
Sell, baby, sell!
Man buys bush2004.com domain, sets up satire site, turns down neocons offer of $135,000 for the domain.

06/22/2004 - 3:45 a.m.
Need a place to store your pictures for free?
TinyPic.com - "is a very simple, fast, reliable free image host. It is perfect for linking to auctions, message boards, journals, and other websites. There is no registration or login, all you have to do is submit your picture." This looks very useful. I find the most popular pictures on the site curious though.

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