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10/01/2003 - 6:44 a.m.
Lisa – My beautiful wife of 17-years, who looks better today then she did the day I married her. Lisa has brown hair and green eyes and a beautiful smile. I love you with all of my heart.

Mason – My son of 6-years, who has complete control of my life. If he was any cuter then he would look just like me. Possible nicknames that I may use: Mini-Me, Doc or MD.

Bruce – author of this diary. I am 40-years old, happily married with a 6-year old boy and live in Gwinnett County, GA. I am the oldest of four boys.

Trixie – Our family dog, actually I think I’m the only one claiming her, which we rescued on 6/20/03. She is a Lawrenceville Terrier (all we know is that there is some Terrier in her and was found in Lawrenceville, GA). She’s a great dog when she is not, chewing on my socks, clothes, Mason’s toys, Mason’s stuffed animals, newspapers, tissues, and carpet. Life in the Downs hold as definitely changed!

10/01/2003 - 6:43 a.m.
Uncle Dave – Lisa’s brother, he is not my uncle but is the uncle of Mason, therefore we call him Uncle Dave. He lives about 8 miles from us, and has two dogs. Dave is getting married in November.

Aunt Laura – Lisa’s brother Dave soon-to-be-wife. We have known Laura for over 11-years, she was one of our original Happy Club volunteers.

Grandpa – Lisa’s dad. He may be the smartest person I have ever met, I know he has read more books than everyone that sees this page combined.

Nana – My mom, for more then 40-years. Mom owns the USA Classic Diner that we eat at most every week. She knows almost every person that lives in Lilburn, or at least everyone knows her.

Pop Pop – My dad, also for more than 40-years. Dad retired from Norfolk Southern this year after 42-years of service. Dad is the happiest person I know.

Uncle Brian – My brother, the second oldest, lives in the Dulles, VA area. Married to Karen who he met in college with two children (Laura and Kenny).

Aunt Karen – My brother Brian’s wife, who was born on the same day as my wife Lisa. When they got married Nana claimed she ended up with twin daughters after all.

Cousin Laura and Cousin Kenny – both are Mason’s cousins living in the Dulles, VA area. Laura is Mason’s oldest cousin.

Uncle Billy – My brother, the third oldest, lives in the Lilburn, GA area. Single but he currently has a serious girlfriend. Billy is the playboy of the family.

Uncle Bobby – My baby brother, lives in the Snellville, GA area. Married to Leslie with two children (Alex and Casey). Bobby is by no means the baby of the boys; he is taller and bigger then all of us.

Aunt Leslie – My brother Bobby’s wife, was not born on the same day as Lisa and Karen. Leslie is the female athlete of the family; in fact she is the athlete of their family.

Cousin Alex and Cousin Casey – both are Mason’s cousins living in the Snellville, GA area. Both are younger than Mason. Casey is Mason’s youngest cousin.

10/01/2003 - 6:43 a.m.
Friends from Work:
Fart Man – A good friend of mine that has gas and I mean he has the nastiest stuff ever dealt. The good news is that he only has gas if he has eaten within the last 72 hours. He is the only person I know that keeps air fresher in his office, car, each room of his house, and he even hides a can under his pew at church.

70’s Man – A good friend of mine that wears the exact shirt that I once had back in the late 70’s. He is very good to Mini-me, and Mini-me thinks of him as one of his best friends.

The Gang – Mayo, JR, Stupid, Cheese Head, Swanney, and Built a group of 6 friends (5 male and 1 female) that I often eat lunch with, often my partners in crime.

ScreenWriter - (actually he is writing his first blockbuster) is yet another good friend of mine. He does not live that far from me, so I give him a “free” ride after work to the bus stop near my house as often as possible. I hoping that with all the free rides that I give him, he will let me be in his movie. Screen Writer has recently joined the married with children club.

10/01/2003 - 6:42 a.m.
Georgia Lady Eagles – This is the AAU Girls basketball team that I help coach. This is one of my current obsessions. The girls have really improved over the past year. We practice two times a week, and place on most weekends. I have learned so much from not only the head coach but from the girls themselves. We have nine very dedicated players that have tremendous heart and desire to WIN.

The Happy Club – A program founded by Lisa and I back in January of 1992 for teens and adults with developmental disabilities completely operated and maintained by volunteers to further develop social and community skills through year-round activities.

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