"The Daily Nonsense reportĒ showing on http://BruceDowns.Diaryland.com is just what the name implies, just nonsense. I update this nonsense everyday with links to a wide variety of weird, funny, strange, and just plain entertaining sites that the Internet, so frequently, provides us. On occasion I may feature links that doesnít necessarily meet the previously mention criteria but are my personal thoughts and observations. I do put witty taglines on this nonsense and mail them to your mother on occasion, especially when you have been bad. So have fun, make comments, and come back often.

06/14/2004 - 4:00 a.m.
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Accurate indeed. For example, here are a few answers to the question, What is Daily Nonsense?

Daily Nonsense is getting really famous.
Daily Nonsense is as addicting as any drug.
Daily Nonsense is a thread in a forum some 3 days ago.
Daily Nonsense is this one.

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