"The Daily Nonsense reportĒ showing on http://BruceDowns.Diaryland.com is just what the name implies, just nonsense. I update this nonsense everyday with links to a wide variety of weird, funny, strange, and just plain entertaining sites that the Internet, so frequently, provides us. On occasion I may feature links that doesnít necessarily meet the previously mention criteria but are my personal thoughts and observations. I do put witty taglines on this nonsense and mail them to your mother on occasion, especially when you have been bad. So have fun, make comments, and come back often.

10/01/2003 - 6:45 a.m.
Post/Link Guidelines

Before you get started

OK, genius, I know you're itching to show the world, well at least the people that come here, how clever or funny you are. But before you do anything, make sure you have your ducks in a row. If necessary, go get them from the bathtub. It's okay, Iíll wait.

What is considered an unacceptable post/link on the Daily Nonsense report?

Images that are "not safe for work" ("NSFW") in the average professional workplace. This includes, but isn't necessarily limited to, the following categories:

  • Nudity, partial nudity, or adult content - A more general reference point would be to think about what you wouldn't want your boss to find in your browser cache.
  • Graphic content - Images that would make many people feel ill. If you're posting an image, and you're not quite sure whether it falls under the "safe" category or not, then we strongly recommend not posting it.
Aside from "not safe for work" posts, the following are also unacceptable:
  • Repetitive post/comments - Cross-posting, flooding, spamming, advertising for a website, etc.
  • Post/comments exhorting others to commit illegal acts.
  • Hate speech - Criticism is not hate speech, but inflammatory comments directed at a particular ethnic group, sexual orientation, religion, etc. are unacceptable.
  • Messages containing broken links or broken images.
  • Messages containing private information - We are aware that most of this information can be found using Whois, or Google, or a phone book - however, posts containing email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, credit card numbers, etc. are not allowed.
  • Trolling other members - Funny and weird news stories are how the ball got rolling. Most of the comments made here threaten bladder control. Unfortunately, disagreements can and will happen - but there is no need for them to become personal.
  • Drinking beer in public - Actually, we just wanted to make sure you were reading all of this carefully.
  • Repeatedly reposting something that was deleted - Usually posts are removed for a reason (see above). Reposting it repeatedly, or complaining about it (also see above) is not recommended. Reposting a deleted inline image as a link instead is generally OK (also see above). Posting something on behalf of someone else that was banned is also uncool.
Obviously there are some gray areas here and there, Remember, I am unpaid webmaster with a day job, and sometimes don't get to things as quickly as I should. That doesn't mean that something that isn't acceptable that stays up is suddenly acceptable, it just means I got a little too drunk the night before and wasnít paying close enough attention.

Lastly, remember that these guidelines are meant to help posting remain fun and funny for as many people as possible. If these guidelines seem overly strict, we recommend drinking more beer.

That's a snap, eh Mr. Whippy!

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