"The Daily Nonsense report” showing on http://BruceDowns.Diaryland.com is just what the name implies, just nonsense. I update this nonsense everyday with links to a wide variety of weird, funny, strange, and just plain entertaining sites that the Internet, so frequently, provides us. On occasion I may feature links that doesn’t necessarily meet the previously mention criteria but are my personal thoughts and observations. I do put witty taglines on this nonsense and mail them to your mother on occasion, especially when you have been bad. So have fun, make comments, and come back often.

11/06/2003 - 5:38 a.m.
What do the categories mean?
Here is the list of Daily Nonsense category definitions that each post will have.

  • incredible - something that seems too cool to be real
  • bizarre - Strange, odd or downright wacky
  • browser games - games, big or small, that you play online
  • claptrap – High-flown nonsense
  • cool - groovy media, idea, or basically anything that's cool
  • dim-witted news - All news articles get this tag
  • flash animation - All Flash animations should be tagged with this category
  • gobbledygook – Wordy and often unintelligible jargon
  • idiotic – something you can understand with half your brain tied behind your back
  • interesting - makes you think, huh?
  • nauseous - Makes you all ill inside
  • nifty – ahh, now that will help
  • repulsive - ugly people, websites, homepages or whatever
  • rody – Parody in nature
  • Twaddle – Trivial, foolish, or idle talk
  • uproarious - something that made you laugh out loud


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